HOTchain enables you to purchase the time of Hollywood stars, and even to make your Kungfu dream come true.
2018-2-1 22:38:50

What is the most popular technology in the world now? Blockchain is the answer. Overnight, many Internet companies have begun to board the Blockchain train, resulting in the soaring of their stock prices. Koda, the one of the oldest company with more than 130-year-history, announced their partnership with Wenn Digital and would launch Kodakcoin, which caused 77% increase in its stock price. 


TMTPOST made comments on such a prosperity:

“The ambiguous relationship between the listed companies and blockchain makes history repeat itself. Long-term benefits from this relationship are unknown. The real applications based on blockchain technology should be the targets of those companies. This is significant attempt in Chinese business.”

In fact, many blockchain applications have been developed. One compelling example is Film!Do you like films?

Is it so exciting when you can purchase the time of Hollywood stars and ask them to do everything reasonable for you?You can not only attend concerts and conferences with stars, but also join in more scenarized and multicultural interaction with them. All of them can be realized on global culture, sports and entertainment digital asset trading platform, HOTchain.

Currently, HOTchain has reached partnership with KungFuMan Culture Media. Hu Chen, the co-founder of KungFuMan Culture Mediaand famous Hollywood action star, says, “we will expand more comprehensive business with HOTchain in the global culture and entertainment industry, enhance participation in incubation of IP, film copyright construction and exploration of Hollywood stars. We are willing to offer professional advice to develop global culture, sports and entertainment industry.  


Have you ever heard ofKungFuMan Culture Media? Do you know who Hu Chen is? Have you ever watched The Matrix?Kill Bill?Or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon?KungFuMan Culture Media is one part of film making and Hu Chen is the choreographer. Hu Chen is the teacher of many Hollywood stars, starting a new page of professional training for actors in Hollywood action films. 


Are you interested in KongFu? Do you want to hear anecdote in Hollywood? Do you want to see Keanu Reeves, the actor in The Matrix, performing in front you? HOTchain makes it possible. Do you want to go to a party with Charlie’s Angles? How about show your talent in KongFu with Jet Li? HOTchain can make your dream come true. On HOTchain you can purchase and use the time of your favorite stars by more convenient ways than Taobao. 


KungFuMan Culture Media enable you to access to the Hollywood stars as long as you join in HOTchain family!


As a global culture, sports and entertainment digital assets trading platform, HOTchain is trying to reach optimal allocation of market elements (IP, celebrities and resources) by blockchain technology and related applications. HOTchain attempts to accelerate capitalization, securitization, transparency and equity of transaction in global culture, sports and entertainment digital assets. People can chat, play and interact with their favorite stars at will. Moreover, they may show up in your wedding as host, or you can invite them to have a wonderful meal with you in the real life. 



It is possible for you to be a KongFu star on HOTchain after graduation from WuYing KongFu School. For example, you can recordyour KongFu videos and they will be stored in HOTchain through function of blockchain data storage which embeds videos with particular and exclusive codes that create a timestamp on your IP copyright. Your IP copyright will be included in the new block within HOTchain, and then form a capitalized chain of copyright. The copyright written as a timestamp within the blockchain is considered as having the same legal effect as traditional certificate of copyright. At the same time, an electronic identification that is permanently valid and cannot be tempered will be generated. HOTchain provides every IP owner with convenient, safe and cheap copyright protection. 


Not only your copyright being protected, you can also sell your products and launch crowdfunding for yourself. The core of HOTchain application is digital assets trading and crowdfunding platform which secure your products and works through distributed ledger, decentralized management, encrypted digital transmission and smart contract.  


Yuan KongFu Family and Hollywood stars are also here as your consultants.


Movie stars are a part of the whole story. HOTchain expands business in music, literature, sports and e-sports industry. A lot of celebrities and stars, such as, Tiao Ma, Yang Su, Naipeng Gou, Ke Mang and Yazheng Lei, are consultants on HOTchain platform. In culture and entertainment industry, HOTchain is the pioneer in achieving asset digitalization by blockchain technology. As Xiaoping Xu’s saying: The power of Blockchain is so strong that it will bring a huge shock on global finance and economy. Blockchain revolution is coming!

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