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What is Hotchain ?

HOTChain is a global culture, sports and entertainment digital asset trading platform based on blockchain technology. We focus on accomplishing capitalization, transparency, and equalization of digital assets. Meanwhile, we create a couple of applications by using blockchain technology to achieve an optimal allocation of market factors(celebrities, IPs, etc).

We try to construct HOTChain as an exemplary in combing global culture, sports and entertainment industries, and to accelerate the development in those industries. With the open ecosystem which built upon fundamental blockchain technology, HOTChain is globally accessible.

HOTChain team complies with the regulations and laws in different countries. According to the policies of China, America, North Korea and Iran, users in these four countries are not allowed to purchase HOTC. Meanwhile, we temporarily do not provide those users with online services. Thank you for your support for HOTChain.

HOTChain Foundation

Technical Features

Service Provider for Gobal Pan-Entertainment

HOTChain is a service provider who delivers technologies, resources and channels to global culture, sports and entertainment industries. HOTChain creates service-oriented ecosystem which includes the network of global celebrity, entities in culture, sports and entertainment industries, intellecutal propertie, digital assets and communities.

Service Objects

HOTChain Ecosystem

With the advent of the era of blockchain technology, HOTChain offers applications for global culture, sports and entertainment industries.

Global Celebrity Time-sharing Trading Platform

HOT Copyright Registration Platform

Digital Asset Crowdfunding and Trading Platform


  • Lack of Various Ways to Connect Fans and Celebrities
  • Complicated International Settlement
  • Abuse of Intellectual Property
  • Limited Ways to Expand the Growth of Digital Assets
  • Huge Demands on Bussiness Cooperation





HOT Celebrity is a global leading celebrity digital asset trading platform which integrates the functions of social networking, cultural, sports and entertainment consumption, and celebrity investment. HOT Celebrity aims to create a new global ecosystem of the pan-entertainment industry and a platform, which brings about further interaction between fans and celebrities, to transfer values, and unifies the symbol of value within the ecosystem. HOTC as an anchor digital currency facilitates payments and settlements on global cultural, sports and entertainment consumption and shortens the distance between fans and celebrities around the world, which reaches consensus on the social value of celebrities and satisfies the spiritual need of fans.

On the platform celebrities are able to issue their personal tokens for fans and investors to purchase. Tokens as the certificates for obtaining services and products from celebrities circulates cyclically.


IP, the acronym of Intellectual Property, refers specifically to cross-media contents with persistent viability and commercial value. IP which exists in the form novels, cartoons, movies, and games is a kernel. Diversified development, multi-channel promotion and maximization of value of IP are the signs of what a mature business operation in culture market works.



The SaCoin is an application for users to get rewards by answering questions concerning to blockchain technology. Blockchain technology which plays significant role in social development is universally considered as the forth industrial revolution. It is, however, still in its infancy worldwide that people are not so familiar with. HOTChain launches SaCoin, aiming to spread the basic knowledge and ideas of blockchain technology and enhance public awareness.

The questions generally cover the basic knowledge of blockchain technology. There are 12 questions each time. Participants have 10 seconds to answer each question. They are not allowed to answer next question if the answer of current question is wrong or if they do not answer. Participants can get corresponding rewards after answering all of the questions correctly. The rewards are the current popular digital currencies.

Participants can withdraw their rewards to their digital wallets or exchange accounts through personal "wallet" interface. The period when user can access to property depends on the prompt he/she receive on his/her digital wallet or account.

The first SaCoin is coming! ARE YOU READY?

Hot World


“HOT World”(HW) is a virtual world created by HOTChain. Members who join in HW would create unique identities to protect the authenticity and anonymity of their private information. In the future, members could efficiently and effectively participate in cultural, sports and entertainment activities through HW. In the meanwhile, members could also receive rewards, like HOTC, through “gold panning” in HW.

There are three main characteristics:

1) the role of blockchain: HOTChain assists users to create unique identities, which are temper-proof once they have been established, based on blockchain technology. The personal information would be the passport for social, cultural, sports and entertainment consumption.
2) incentive of “gold panning”: members are qualified to be a “gold miner” when their identities are created. They could get rewarded by “gold panning”, such as HOTC and other tokens.
3) accessibility: Members in the HW can access to different kinds of services, such as social networking, consumption, and investment.

Application Scenario

Product Purchase

Tickets/ Peripherals Products, etc


Events / Hosting / Contests / Endorsements / Performances / Recordings


Events/Movies/TV Dramas/Lectures/Meetings, etc.

Online interaction

Record video/live interactive/game together

Offline interaction

Dinner / photo / fitness / K songs

Copyright Protection

Music/literary/animation/pictures, etc.

Digital Asset Trading

Copyright/IP usage, etc.

HOTChain News

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HOTchain enables you to purchase the time of Hollywood stars, and even to make your Kungfu dream come true.


HOTC Allocation (Total 1 billion)

  • 15% Foundation Reserve
  • 10% Partners
  • 40% Private Equity and IEO
  • 15% Founding Team
  • 10% Community
  • 10% Candy Program


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HOTChain White Paper

HOTChain White Paper

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